Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woo Hoo! We have a chick row!

chick rows

I was worried, really worried. The chicks looked like yellowish, lopsided blobs that were NOT going to work out to be chicks, so I'm really relieved at this point.

Just for a refresher (and since it's going to be a while since I finish), here's a pic of what the dress will look like when done.

full dress

My other project, the contour rug, has three rows of green left before I add on the lace border. Even though I am in the June challenge, I just went ahead and bought two more skeins to get me past this and hopefully through the rest of the toilet portions of the project.

three rows left

The last toilet parts to make are the oval cover for the lid, which has tufts, the cover for the lid of the tank portion, and a cover for the tank.

toilet set

These are the pieces to make after I'm done with the toilet stuff.

project status


Anonymous said...

Love the bathroom pieces! what fun! yarnorgy

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